Australian National University TechLauncher Program Partners with the CloudRouter Project

I am very excited to welcome the Australian National University (ANU) TechLauncher Program as the newest CloudRouter® Project partner. The CloudRouter Project was founded to advance the development of secure Linux-based open source routing and SDN technologies for large-scale cloud companies, data centers, enterprises and network operators. The ANU TechLauncher Program members will lead development of open source technologies to extend the functionality of OpenDaylight, which will then be packaged and distributed as part of the CloudRouter Project. ANU is the first academic sponsor to take on the research and development of a major networking component of CloudRouter. The team will focus on layer 3 router configuration automation, starting with an enhanced border gateway protocol (BGP) implementation that will allow OpenDaylight to advertise routes, effectively suggesting traffic routes between network and router. In the future applications will be able to modify routes, automating a process that is largely a manual task today.

ANU students will focus on the development of a configuration interface for the Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL). The RPSL parser will be based on RIPE NCC code, and will be available as open source software. IIX, one of the founding members of the CloudRouter Project, is sponsoring a portion of the academic research at ANU. IIX is also increasing the number of engineers assigned to work on this open source community project.

I wish to extend a warm welcome to ANU, which joins a long list of technology leaders involved in the CloudRouter Project, including CloudBees, Cloudius Systems, IIX, NGINX, and OpenDaylight.

The official press release can be found at release