Announcing Gitter!

A little over a week ago, I sent email to the users list asking for opinions on utilizing Gitter for chatting about the CloudRouter Project. A few of us played with it here in the office, and based on no one yelling too loudly, consider it done! Right now there is a cloudrouter channel which should work for general discussion, and a cloudrouter/cloudrouter channel whose purpose is a little more nebulous. My thinking was to have a general discussion channel (cloudrouter) as well as repo-specific channels which would serve as the primary location for commit messages, continuous integration results, JIRA-related traffic, etc. Let’s play around for the next few weeks and see what everone thinks!

Some helpful tips about Gitter:

  • Make a msitake?? Gitter supports in-line corrections
    • Type s/msitake/mistake/ to fix it!
  • Talk about issues
    • Any issue. Just type owner/repo# and you can reference issues across any room. If you are already in a repo room, just type # for issues in that repo.
  • Apps! Get your hot and fresh apps
    • Visit Apps to download one of the apps. Gitter has apps for Linux, OSX, Windows, iOS, and Android (4.4+)
  • Automatic markdown code recognition
    • Gitter supports full markdown support. Type ’’’ and hit . [Compose mode]( auto toggles on and your backticks will be closed automatically. + to send the message and automatically return to chat mode.
  • Lastly, the Gitter team hangs out at gitterHQ/gitter and loves when people drop in and let the team know how to improve Gitter.

Lastly, important to note that IRC is not dead (yet!). Gitter even includes an IRC gateway which makes those of us stuck in the 80’s much happier!

Comments/questions/thoughts/complaints? That is what the users@ mailing list is for! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Gitter!