Project Mailing Lists move to Google Groups

For a variety of reasons, including not having to maintain our own mail list manager, and ability to leverage someone else’s spam detection, the Project mailing lists have moved to Google Groups. We sent out invitations to current subscribers as well as updated the website with the new mailing lists. is now is now is now

Given all of the positives, there is one negative. There is not a straightforward way to migrate the existing archives from Mailman into Google Groups. After reviewing the contents of the archives, much of the traffic was found to be JIRA updates, users joining the project, and some discussions about decisions which have already been implemented. Given that, I pushed for moving forward with closing out the Mailman lists, and keeping the archives around as opposed to attempting to migrate the archives. Let me know if anyone has concerns with that decision!

Apologies for the dust as we shift everything around! Looking forward to seeing all on the new mailing lists.

  • jkt