CloudRouter Now Enables AWS Direct Cloud-Cloud Connections with Google, Microsoft, Rackspace

The CloudRouter® Project is making available a new usage example to connect Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud 2 (AWS EC2) to Google Compute Engine (GCE), part of the Google Cloud Platform. Previously, companies using both AWS and GCE would have to download the information from one cloud and upload it again to another cloud.

The project team also notified the community that CloudRouter 2.0 is now available in the AWS Marketplace, one of the few routing software packages available for AWS. CloudRouter software fees are zero per hour. EC2 usage fees start at $0.026/hr.

CloudRouter can also be used to connect AWS to other clouds, including Microsoft Azure and Rackspace Managed Cloud. CloudRouter can easily support cloud-to-cloud connection speeds over 1Gb/sec with support for 100Gb/sec in the near future on inexpensive commodity hardware.

Questions on setup and usage can be submitted to the CloudRouter community.

Technical details can be found in CloudRouter Project Documentation.