Welcome to the CloudRouter Project!

I am Jay Turner, project lead for CloudRouter. Prior to joining IIX Inc, I spent 16 years as a part of Red Hat’s Quality Engineering team, working on everything from Anaconda, to Red Hat Satellite, to Red Hat CloudForms. I am thankful to IIX for allowing me to bring those years of open source software experience and dedication to the launch of the CloudRouter Project. Allow me and my team to introduce you to CloudRouter.

With the rapid migration of compute resources from physical infrastructure to a combination of physical, virtual, and cloud environments, changes are afoot in the networking space. Where once networking control logic was strictly relegated to proprietary hardware-based platforms, we are seeing broader adoption of open source software-based platforms. We initiated the CloudRouter Project in order to simplify this migration to the cloud without forcing users to abandon control over network routing and governance.

I want to build a thriving community around the CloudRouter Project, producing a healthy project optimized for interconnection, and designed to run both in the cloud as well as on-premise. CloudRouter will be both highly scalable, and offer high performance with minimal resource consumption. Finally, and most importantly, security has been a foundation of CloudRouter development, and will continue to be going forward. I am thankful to have David Jorm on the team to oversee all aspects of security.

CloudRouter is a Fedora Remix, and includes several pre-installed packages to support software-defined interconnect, such as OpenDaylight (Helium SR3 is included in the beta). As of today CloudRouter is available as a pre-configured disk image (the KVM hypervisor is recommended), a Docker image, and an OSv image.

A successful, thriving open source community results from broad participation including development, test and validation, creation of documentation, content translation, promoting the project, and participation on mailing lists and forums. I invite all to join users@lists,cloudrouter.org for discussion of CloudRouter usage, and devel@lists.cloudrouter.org for discussion of CloudRouter development. More information concerning the CloudRouter community can be found in Community. And for those interested in jumping into CloudRouter itself can visit Getting Started.

With the first CloudRouter beta available, we intend to pick up the pace of development including the addition of new features, code hardening, bug fixes, and performance improvements. The team values your input and love to start our mornings with a cup of coffee and a pile of pull requests! Head over to GitHub and help contribute to CloudRouter’s success!

Thanks, Jay Turner CloudRouter Project Lead