CloudRouter Release Planning Meeting

Hi again! Guess what? It is time to start a discussion on future CloudRouter releases. What should be included? What release schedule should the project follow? Who will be responsible for what in the next release? How about the release after that?

Join the CloudRouter Project Team on Thursday, June 4th @ 16:00 Pacific (UTC-7) for an open IRC meeting hosted on the #cloudrouter channel at Freenode to discuss and take input on the upcoming roadmap for CloudRouter.

The community’s input will be used to create the roadmap for the project with a focus on what features and enhancements will be part of the rleease cycle. The roadmap for each release will be described in a blog post after the planning meeting along with a hardened schedule.

If you cannot attend the discussion on IRC, you can make feature requests by opening a new JIRA issue at Issues and prefix your reuqest with “[RFE]” in the Summary line. The issue will be used to track the discussions about the new feature, and if accepted will be added to our backlog. We also encourage people to discuss any ideas for future releases on the developers mailing list, A detailed list of planned features will be available on the CloudRouter Release Management page.

See CloudRouter Project for more information about the project.

The Freenode FAQ is a great resource if you are new to Freenode.

Thanks, Jay Turner CloudRouter Project Lead