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CloudRouter 2.0 Now Generally Available for the Enterprise

02 Sep 2015 — Fierce Enterprise Communications - Chris Talbot - Link

Although it's the 2.0 release, the latest version of the CloudRouter Project of the software-defined networking project is the first that's ready and intended for production use.

Now generally available, CloudRouter 2.0 came about as a result of a 160 percent increase in community contributions, according to the project. Additionally, the announcement indicated that CloudRouter, which takes bits and pieces of different open sources technologies – including the OpenDaylight Project – to make up its whole, has been tested in several "real world" environments.

"The rapid success of the CloudRouter Project has been due to the collaboration among different development communities," said Jay Turner, CloudRouter Project lead and senior director of DevOps at IIX, in a statement. "By helping software developers connect with network hardware manufacturers, we have accelerated adoption of new technologies by enabling bridges to legacy architectures or the testing of hundreds of virtual routers in minutes."

This follows the June announcement that 2.0 had gone into beta testing – about six months after the beta launch of version 1.0. The CloudRouter Project hopes to create a Linux-based open source router using SDN technology. As Turner noted back in April, the intention of the project is to provide enterprises with an open source router "that can run anywhere." Some CloudRouter fans are also hoping the technology can be pushed into the carrier space.

Features in version 2.0 include:

  • A network operating system based on CentOS 7.1 and enhanced with either Java 1.8 or Fedora 22.
  • SDN capabilities using a combination of OpenDaylight's Lithium release and ONOS 1.2 (Cardinal)
  • An architecture design that uses Mininet for SDN prototyping.
  • Support for Docker, CoreOS rkt, OSv and KVM containers.
  • Routing capabilities using ExaBGP, BIRD and Quagga.
  • And base functionality using IPSec, VPN, SSL, L2TP, failover and synchronization technologies.

CloudRouter is one of those interesting projects that is a mash-up of various technologies. It's also one of the routers that uses a portion of OpenDaylight, although it's only using a kernel of the open source SDN project.

CloudRouter 2.0 is now available for download from GitHub.

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