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Want your open-source NetOps? Here it is

03 Sep 2015 — The Register - Richard Chirgwin - Link

The collaborative open-source CloudRouter project has come out of beta.

The production release of the project is announced in this PDF.

CloudRouter has two network operating system flavours – CentOS 7.1 with Java 1.8, or Fedora 22. It ships with ONOS 1.2 Cardinal and OpenDaylight Lithium, and supports Docker, CoreOS, Rkt, OSv or KVM containers.

Routing is provided by ExaBGP, BIRD and Quagga, and its base functionality includes support for IPSec, VPNs, SSL, L2TP, failver and syncrhonisation.

Security bods get FastNetMon for detecting DOS and DDOS attacks, and BGPstream for analysis.

Since this is the first release, it's probably going to land in a lot more labs than production networks, at least in the near future. Project lead Jay Turner told LightReading the first use cases will be in BGP routing deployments, those who find ONOS and OpenDaylight difficult to deploy, and for SDN experimentation.

In July, Turner told The Register's networking desk that his employer, IIX, needed an open source virtual router, which is why the company kicked off the project.

Manual router operations, he said then, are “tedious and prone to error” for anyone with lots of locations – partly because routers have become bloated. The basic operation of flicking data around IIX's 150 data centres centred more on getting high performance out of a simple unit, he said.

Since its launch in April, CloudRouter has attracted sponsorship from CloudBees, Cloudius Systems, NGINX, OpenDaylight, and the Australian National University. The project is here. ®