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ONOS chief architect hopes to add clustering features over the next year

19 Oct 2015 — Fierce Enterprise Communications- Chris Talbot - Link

Now a Linux Foundation project, the Open Network Operating System project is likely to attract more attention.

On the CloudRouter Project's blog, Thomas Vachuska, ONOS's chief architect, indicated that since ON.Lab launched the open source software-defined networking project in December 2014, several collaborators and contributors have joined. The number is growing, he noted. It will probably do so more rapidly now that ONOS is a Linux Foundation project.

As one of a handful of open networking projects, ONOS is vying for a space in SDN. What's interesting about there being multiple open networking projects, though, is the way vendors and other open source projects are using and contributing to them.

Take CloudRouter as an example. The organization is building its cloud-based SDN product around parts of OpenDaylight, parts of ONOS and also incorporating other open source.

In the blog, written as a Q&A between Vachuska and CloudRouter Project lead Jay Turner, Vachuska doesn't exactly provide a roadmap for ONOS, but he did shine some light on his goals for the project over the next year.

At the top of his list is "to achieve field trial runs of the ONOS CORD use case – Central Office Re-imagined as Data center – as well as multi-layer network control of optical networks."

Vachuska also hopes to add more functionality to ONOS, including the ability to dynamically adjust cluster sizes, support geographically distributed clusters and allow federation from different ONOS clusters.

"We also want to make sure that ONOS has first-class support for OpenStack integration and for network virtualization; not just at the edge, but also in the core fabric," Vachuska noted.