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CloudRouter 3.0 aims to pave the way to the enterprise

April 4, 2016 | By Chris Talbot

The CloudRouter Project is rolling along quickly since its launch a little more than a year ago. The open source routing and SDN project is now boasting 100 Gbps speeds that the CloudRouter team believes will pave the way for greater SDN adoption.

In the latest 3.0 release, CloudRouter is significantly faster. According to the team, the software has been able to get 650 Gbps of throughput using commodity hardware.

CloudRouter takes elements of several open source projects. Version 3.0 includes parts of ONOS Drake 1.4, CentOS 7.2, OpenDaylight Lithium and Fedora 23, as well as iSDX, Ostinato, pktgen-dpdk and pmacct. The last four on the list are brand new to CloudRouter and provide network traffic generator and analysis (Ostinato and pktgen-dpdk), an SDN exchange point (iSDX) and network monitoring (pmacct).

CloudRouter 3.0 "gives network administrators the choice of continuing to use CloudRouter as a software-based router or advancing into deployments of software-based controllers with whitebox hardware," said Jay Turner, CloudRouter Project lead and senior director of DevOps at IIX, in a statement. "The community told us that they wanted the benefits of SDN in the future, but needed a bridge between old and new architectures. CloudRouter is an open source network innovation platform, and we believe it's the most flexible SDN platform out, incorporating best-of-breed open source projects, fully tested for security and stability."

Although SDN is still early in its development cycle, some believe 2016 will be the year open source SDN projects become commercialized. In December, Dan Pitt, executive director of the Open Networking Foundation, predicted that open source controllers would begin to transition to the enterprise in 2016. Vendors are taking a more active role in developing open source SDN projects. So far, commercial offerings are few and far between. With updates to the various open networking projects that make them more useful to the enterprise, though, commercialization could be just around the corner.

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